Roe Mackenzie Lawyers offers practical advice and representation to small to medium sized enterprises including advice in the following areas:-

Sale and Purchase of Businesses

Roe Mackenzie Lawyers are experienced in providing specialist advice for the sale and purchase of business from small family businesses to large commercial enterprises.

Buying or selling a business can be very complex and advice can be provided in areas including structuring, intellectual property issues, due diligence enquiries and representations, employment issues, related property matters, training and restraints upon competition.

Roe Mackenzie Lawyers can also provide expert advice on taxation issues in respect of the sale or a purchase of a business including capital gains tax, GST and stamp duty.

With over 50 years' experience in advising small and medium enterprises in business sale and purchase transactions across a broad range of industries you can have peace of mind that you will receive timely cost effective advice and personal service in respect of the sale or purchase of a business.
Business Structuring

If you are starting a new business or have an existing business getting the correct advice from a business law specialist is essential to avoid choosing the wrong structure.

Roe Mackenzie Lawyers can provide advice to you to assist you in choosing the correct business structure and can guide you through the various options and the factors you need to consider such as taxation, type and size of business, finance requirements, establishment costs, risk profile and operating area.

The most common business structures are sole trader, partnership, proprietary limited company, association and cooperative. Each has advantages and disadvantages. The laws governing the various structures are very different.

Roe Mackenzie Lawyers has experience in advising sole traders, partnerships, proprietary limited companies, incorporated associations and also companies limited by guarantee who operate in the not for profit sector. For an obligation free telephone discussion please contact Roe Mackenzie Lawyers to discuss your business structure .

 Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation for Business Disputes

Roe Mackenzie Lawyers have vast experience in acting for both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s in general business and commercial litigation including defendant debt recovery actions, bankruptcy and other insolvency proceedings including unfair preference claims.

We also have experience in and have acted for several clients in mediations, arbitrations and informal dispute resolutions.

If you are a small or medium enterprise with a business or commercial litigation dispute our experience across a wide range of industries types of dispute allow us to give you specialised and timely advice. For further information please see our Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution home page.